Silence Like Thunder is about finding the mean.

That sweet spot in life where there is neither excess nor deficiency.

Where there is the harmony of living life to its fullest but not being overly attached to it.

Where there is freedom to explore what is inherently good for its own sake, and less focus on the constrained life of money making.

Where there is connection to the whole.

Below are a few definitions to get you started. You might also want explore this list of all essays to date.

A Few Definitions

The Good Life ‒ Life lived for its own sake; not for the sake of achieving something else.

Some essays on The Good Life: How To Be Happy, Living The Good Life, Unencumbered


Supreme Goods ‒ Objects and experiences that are inherently beautiful in and of themselves.

Some essays on Supreme Goods: Supreme Objects, Las Playas De Basura, The Golden Mean of Materialism, Finding Beauty Through Seeing and Doing

The Golden Mean ‒ The sweet spot where you cannot take from something nor add to it without destroying its perfection.

Some essays on the Golden Mean: Living The Good Life, Making Changes,

The Buddhist Mean (fusoku furi) ‒ The harmony of being neither identical to nor completely different from something. Neither attached nor undetached. Like the waves of the sea that are part of the water yet distinct from it. Like Mona Lisa's mouth that is open yet not open, closed yet not closed.

Some essays on the Buddhist Mean: Mona Lisa and Fusoki Furi, Achieving The Buddhist Mean, Mindfulness and the Leading Edge.

Silence Like Thunder ‒ Inner radiance, infinite potentiality, motion in stability and stability in motion.

Some essays on the Silence Like Thunder: Searching For Pattern, Holographs, Writing and the Emergent Whole,